Introducing Pok Pok

A new studio centred around creative learning for kids.

Pok Pok

Remember when we said we were working on something new? Well, for the past few years, Snowman has been incubating not just a new project, but a brand new company!

Pok Pok is a creative studio centred around play-based learning experiences for kids. A few folks from our team had an idea to make an educational, digital experience for their own kids, and what began as a side project for their family turned into a company all of its own.

As parents and artists, Mathijs and Esther wanted their two toddlers to be able to use their iPads as a way to become curious about the world around them, not just distract them from it. They couldn’t find anything educational that encouraged creativity, imagination and exploration in the way they imagined, so they got to work making something that would.

When they first showed us the digital picture book they were working on for their own kids, we knew they were onto something very special. This idea kicked off the next few years of work, evolving into an even greater vision.

Mathijs and Esther.
Mathijs and his son, James, playtesting the first prototype of Pok Pok Playroom in 2018.

We believe that our future is in the hands of the little dreamers and problem-solvers who will someday change the world. While academic education is a really important part of that equation, we think imagination, creativity and curiosity are just as crucial. This idea sparked our own little movement, as Pok Pok grew from a small idea to a studio that would centre around these beliefs.

We carved out a corner of our office and joined the journey as collaborators, mentors and colleagues. For the past few years, the Pok Pok team has been working closely with kids, parents and educators while meticulously handcrafting every detail of this new creative experience. We all hope it will play a small part in helping raise the next generation of creative thinkers.

Pok Pok Co-Founders from left: Mathijs, Melissa, Jordan, Ryan and Esther.

Pok Pok’s first app is called Pok Pok Playroom. It’s a playroom filled with educational toys that spark creativity, imagination and learning through open-ended play. There is no right or wrong way to play, only lots of opportunities for experimentation and exploration. Pok Pok puts kids at the centre of the experience so they can follow their noses and learn at their own pace. Check out the trailer to get an early look.

After years of research, collaboration, and most importantly, play, we can’t wait to welcome families into the world of Pok Pok.

Pok Pok Playroom launches globally May 20th, only on the App Store.

For more details about Pok Pok, check out You can also follow along with the Pok Pok Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get to know the team and catch all upcoming news.

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