A new studio centred around creative learning for kids.

Pok Pok

Remember when we said we were working on something new? Well, for the past few years, Snowman has been incubating not just a new project, but a brand new company!

Pok Pok is a creative studio centred around play-based learning experiences for kids. A few folks from our team had an idea to make an educational, digital experience for their own kids, and what began as a side project for their family turned into a company all of its own.

As parents and artists, Mathijs and Esther wanted their two toddlers to be able to use their iPads as a…

Roll through this week to land a special launch price.

Skate City by Snowman and Agens

Skate City is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, The Epic Games Store and Steam! You can hit the streets of LA, Oslo and Barcelona for a special launch price from May 6th to May 13th.

From the teams at Snowman and Agens, we are so grateful for the support of our community that’s allowed us to bring Skate City to more platforms. …

Celebrating life’s calm moments and the games that help create them.

Alto’s Zen Club

Since releasing Alto 6 years ago, we've noticed that many members of the community have stories to share about how they’ve played the Alto games through tough times in life. The ability to help people zen out is something we really value about games, so we’ve created a club on Snowman’s Discord server to celebrate the media that brings us these peaceful experiences!

How will it work?

At the end of every month, we’ll meet on Discord for a text-based catch-up with the Alto community. For our first meeting, we are going to run things like a book club—but for a game! Together we…

A brand new way to cruise the streets of LA.

Skate City introduces Pro Skate mode

Today, Skate City players will find that there’s a whole new way to skate through the city of Los Angeles! Pro Skate mode keeps each session fresh no matter how many times you’ve skated these streets before.

Just like skating in the real world, you never know when obstacles might pop up in your path! We’ve taken the element of spontaneity to a whole new level by challenging players to set high scores and complete objectives, all while having to navigate their unpredictable surroundings with quick reflexes.

In Pro Skate you’ll dodge pedestrians, flip over obstacles and escape security guards…

Reviewing the year’s highlights and what’s next for Snowman!

Today is Snowman’s 9th anniversary! This past year the entire world changed, and as we reflect on these last 12 months, two things stick out most — our players and our team. We are so grateful to everyone who plays our games, shares their stories and spreads compassion within our community. With your support and motivation, our incredible team continues to pour their hearts into everything they do.

Looking back, it’s been a busy year for us…

Skate City by Snowman and Agens

You know what they say: April showers bring May…ollies?

Skate City is coming May 6th to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and The Epic Games Store! You can wishlist it now on Steam and The Epic Games Store.

Pre-order will be available April 29th for Nintendo Switch and The Epic Games Store at $9.99. To celebrate Skate City coming to new platforms, the game will also be on sale for the first week after launch! After this period, players will be able to cruise through Los Angeles, Oslo, and Barcelona for $14.99.

Whether you’re keeping things low key in Endless…

Here’s a sneak peek.

Here at Snowman, we’ve been incubating something for quite a while and it’s almost time to pull back the curtain.

While we can’t reveal much, we can tell you that it’s something very different from anything we’ve ever done before and that we’re really excited to share it with you soon. In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek!

When the time does come to release this into the world, you can catch the news on our Snowman social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and this blog.

Sign up to the Snowman mailing list and be first to get notified when we announce.

Until then, thank you for your continued support and curiosity!

If you’re a member of the press who’s interested in reaching out about this mysterious project, please contact Ryan at ryan(at)builtbysnowman.com.

And the winner is…

Alto Merchandise from Snowman store

We really enjoyed seeing everyone come together to celebrate Alto’s 6th anniversary last week! It was awesome to hang out and reminisce on all that has happened over the past six years.

Congratulations to Patrik Kramolis on Instagram for being drawn as the winner of Alto’s 6th anniversary trivia! Patrik is the lucky winner of an Alto prize pack including a tee, socks and art print from the Snowman store.

Here are the correct answers to the trivia questions:

Join us on Discord for a virtual anniversary party!

Alto’s Adventure by Team Alto

Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Alto series! We want to take a moment to reflect on this past year and everything that’s come before it.

In 2020 we were able to expand both Alto titles beyond a mobile experience with The Alto Collection. The members of the Alto community hold a very special place in our hearts, and watching it continue to grow with new players from The Epic Games Store, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox has been so rewarding. …

Photo courtesy of Skate City

Skate City is coming soon to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and The Epic Games Store. You can even wishlist it now on Steam!

Players will soon be able to skate the streets of real-world, iconic destinations from around the globe on their platform of choice. No matter how you play, you’ll get to choose between mastering combos in Challenge mode or taking things at your own pace in Endless Skate — all while cruising to a soundtrack of chilled out, lo-fi beats.

To stay up to date on all launch details, check out our website and follow @skatecitygame on social media. By the way, we’re now on Tik Tok!


Snowman is a small studio at the centre of artful experiences. http://builtbysnowman.com/

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